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Lecturing on Climate Change and IP at Sun Yat-Sen School of Law, Institute of South China Sea Strat

There are high expectations resulting from the Paris Agreement (“PA”) as a milestone in global efforts to address Climate Change.

Such efforts encompass a wide range of measures at many levels. Chief among them is the long-term global energy technology diffusion patterns required to reach a Climate Change target with a maximum average atmospheric temperature increase of 2˚ celcius by 2100.

My research paper I will present at Sun Yat-Sen University on September 15, 2018 will critically evaluate the coherence between the law of the global economy principally WTO related agreements with the PA by exploring the legality of barriers against harmful technologies to Climate Change and mechanisms, such as subsidies, to stimulate the access and diffusion of environmentally sound technologies. The paper also investigates the impacts of the PA on international patenting activities covering EST. The subject of the interrelationship of trade, intellectual property and environment is complex and my research is aimed at examining the conceptual underpinning of these regimes, revealing mutual supportiveness as well as some conflicts.

Issue 2

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