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Life lesson from Michael Haddad, UN Climate Change Champion

International Trade Mark Association (INTA) conferences don’t have the same flavor. Some bring you more than others. Away from scoring in getting a new client or celebrating a trade mark portfolio transfer, INTA conference in Dubai, earlier this week, brought a valuable life lesson.

Paralyzed from the chest down following a jet-skiing accident when he was six, Michael was told by doctors that he’d have to spend the rest of his life in wheelchair. Through willpower, Michael discovered that impossible is simply not an option. Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those doing it.

“I made the choice to never give up – to deliver the message that nothing is impossible”, he stated earlier this week in his inspirational keynote speech at INTA Middle East and Africa Conference.

“Success has to be for something beyond yourself. We as humanity never live our present: we take the past and deliver the future. So an important part of our lives is giving something back to humanity, to the future, to the earth, to coming generations.”

As UN Climate Change Champion Michael’s achievements include climbing mountains, reaching the Black Summit, carrying a cedar tree from Bsharri to Tannourine in an initiative to address climate change through reforestation.

Through willpower, good faith and determination, Michael discovered that anything is possible. Likewise addressing climate change is not optional, there is no planet B.

Inspiration comes from everywhere and from anyone. There are a countless number of speeches and stories that can teach us an incalculable number of life lessons. Michael’s very own story is part of them.

Thank you Michael for being who you are.

Michael’s web site

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