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Patent, Litigation & Policy Trends In Climate Change in South-East Asia

The article examines the patent, litigation and policy trends in climate change in ASEAN in furthering the objective of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change (PA) to limit the increase in world temperature to 2° Celsius, from the pre-industrial era before 2100[9]. Amid the vast literature on global patent trends in green technologies, there are few studies or commentaries on green technologies trends and climate change litigation in ASEAN or on individual member states. Most climate change studies covering ASEAN are from political, legal, financial and policy perspectives[10]. This article endeavors to fill the gap via a thorough multidisciplinary approaches on patents, litigation and policy. The study reveals that although climate change policy and litigation are now past the stage at which they would be considered nascent and are about to take new magnitudes, green tech patents filed in ASEAN, especially Climate Change Mitigation Technologies (CCMT) take a quite opposite direction characterized by a strong decline. This article tries to shed some light on this apparent paradox.

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